La Blogothèque-Les Soirées de Poche

Sometimes I hold a camera for these shows.  Big music in little tiny spaces.


Dear friend and master artist, Judges inspires me like crazy, from animation to rock posters all the way to billboards, she pulls something out of scratch board that comes alive instantaneously.

Steve Walters and Screwball Press

Steve Walters. Period.  If you live in Chicago and you’ve ever wanted to learn how to print, Steve is your man and Screwball Press is your new school.  He’s considered responsible for Chicago’s thriving posters scene.  Go take his class and find out why.

Justin Santora

A print and illustration buddy, Justin’s nostalgic houses and fields are lovely examples of printing done right.

Dan Grzeca

This illustrative printer is legendary, and my little brother is currently leaning how to print from him.  I love this.

Ethan Clarke

Animation buddy.  Really, in three years you’re gonna be addicted to his animated series.  Think dark narrative tales of roadkill and trains to eternity.

Olivia Taussig

Great artist, lovely gal, fun to have work-a-thons with, Olivia kicks out beautiful films like other people kick out drawings.  Some folks just make it look easy….

Jeanette Bonds

If you haven’t seen her laser show live, well, then hire her to come perform it, because its a show stopper (and so is she).

More to come soon!